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Extrasolar Origin Feature

Extrasolar Origin Blog released

I’ve released a new blog about my current game project: Extrasolar Origin. It is a space exploration game developed in the free Blitzmax language and uses the miniB3D extension for 3D. I’ve started on April 20, 2016 with a clean WordPress installation, a lot of ideas and a mess of content on my harddisk. I put a lot of work in this blog and I’m glad to have finally begun. Thus, there is now a complete overview on the project instead a bunch of threads in the Blitzbasic community.

The blog exists primarily to provide information on the progress on my game. In addition, it provides valuable information about the solar system, planets, stars and their properties, from the perspective of Moon Base scientists in my game at the beginning. I’ve uploaded a lot of stuff there like Screenshots, Videos, Demos and Sourcecode. There is no release date because the game is still in a very early stage of development.

But I’d be happy if you would take a look at it or even become a regular visitor there.

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